S-CRM Apps

S-CRM Android apps for service sector

This App is used in service Sector , like pest control services, Ro services etc. This app is used by two types of users 1>Administrator 2>Operator Adminstrator can view and used all the services of this app but Operator can view and use specific services. Administrator can view Pending Services schedule,pending Enquiry,View Renewal Reminder,Pending Reminder ,View Customer Detail View Contract Detail,View Invoice Detail,View all enquiry, View Expense Detail, View Stock Inventory, View Stock Re-Order level,View materials issues to customer etc. bydefault all these services show the current date data,it can also show previous day data by sellection previous date. This App contain employee Gps Location through this service Administrator can trace their operator current location that he is on the Appropriate location or not.This app also contain Digital Signature for the authorization of customer and at the same time we can can also take the picture of the customer or the working site. Through Expense entry form we can insert all the expenses Details and Through View Expense details see all the expenses. Through Offers Entry Form Administrator can insert all the Currents offers which they are going to provide to their Customer. Customer Approval form Approve the Customer that he/she is valid or not.Through the Enquiry entry form user can insert enquiry . Customer Contract form takes the contract details of customer it takes the contract Duration. Through this app we can also generate Bill in pdf Format on the basis of invoice number.

S-CRM-CUSTOMER-LOGIN Android apps for service sector

This is a customer App for S-crm this App is for all users either customer or not . It contains all the details of customer like Payment Details,Contract Details,Invoice Details etc. Customer can post complain through this app and also get the Response through this app,Customer can also enquiry through this app,Offers are also seen by the Customers through this App,customer can also share Referal message to the other customer through WhatsApp ,Facebook or other Social media . In the offers section users can view latest offers Which are provided by Adminstrator,In the Enquiry section users can enquiry about pest control services and adiministrator give response to the enquiry ,In Contract Details user can view their contract details and after clicking on contract they can view their Services Details.


Everight Diagnostics & Laboratory service

This app contain all the details Of Everight Diagnostic Center likes Patient Portal it contains find lab(through this section user can find labe in their locality) , Make an appointment(make appointment for Test for any particular branch),My bill(see the bill details of patient that how much bill he paid and how much amount is remaining) General information (it contains the Brief information of diagnostic center like opening and closing day and time,what are the rights of clients ,what are the client obligations) etc. Referal Portal refers Physicians and quickly find patient images and report) Top Management (Top management persons can easily find all type of collections and payment Through this app patient can also refer others to use this app and services of Everight Diagnostic and Labrotary services.

Feedback and consent form for diagnostics center

This App contains feedback and consent form for Diagnostic Center Through feedback form user can give their views about the diagnostic center that what is good and what is bad ,and what are the area of improvements ,what are the natures and behaviours of the employee of this dignostic center etc. Concent Form is used for the security purpose where there is a chances of larger possible risks in that situation that consent form is used to agree in writing to the doctor's plan for patient care .Through this app patient can digitally sign and if they are not able to sigh then take photo . This App contain General Consent Forms,Parent/legal general consent form,Client Request for Email,Parent/Legal Gurdian informed consent form,Clint Informed Consent Form.

Inventory Tracking system

This app contain all the Inventory(store) details of Everight Diagnostic and Labrotary services. This app contain all the inventory details like stock reorder level,Po Approval,Indend Approval,Pending Po(Not Received),Pending Po(After Delivery),Previous Supply and stock details of Everight Diagnostic and Labrotary service

Sangtech App

This is a informatic app Which contains all the details of Company likes its Key Features, Major product of company ,Services Provided by company,Company Portfolio, career in sangtech technologies,Client Details (all clients Details national and international),contact us(throughh this user can contact to the compny for enquiry about services .